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Vehicle Hire Salisbury
Reliable van hire services across Wiltshire
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Tel: 01722 567 483
Vehicle Hire Reading
All vehicles for hire in Reading
Small, Medium and Large Vans
Daily rates / Long term hire
Rib Boat Hire
Rib boats for sale, boat shares & rib boat hire
Southampton, Hampshire
Tel: 07817 480864
Vehicle Hire Reading
All vehicles for hire in Reading
Cars, Executive, Minibuses

Daily rates / Long term hire
Digger Hire Hampshire
TEL : 0800 9 122 312
Hampshire Vehicle Hire

Hampshire Home Guide offers the following advice when hiring vehicles, be it cars, minibuses, vans or anything else.

There are as many different motives for hiring a vehicle as there are companies who hire them out. Each is entirely unique. You might be looking for short term car hire to use for a short break. Perhaps you want a van while moving house. Or maybe you are looking for something longer term, leasing a car for several months or maybe a year. Before you go and hire the first vehicle that catches your eye, you really need to consider what your needs you really have.

When choosing a vehicle to rent, you will need to look into exactly what you need, then decide how much money you are prepared to part with and establish what specific requirements you may have, if any. Bear in mind that there are often minimum age limits imposed for drivers (some of these are defined in law). A good example is that 21 years old is the youngest many companies will hire to, for most vehicles. Some younger drivers will not be allowed to rent some larger vehicles at all. You will always be asked to provide at least your driving licence (photo ID and paper section) as well as one other form of proof of identity (credit card / passport / bank statement / etc.) the exact requirements vary, so it is best to enquire abou this over the telephone before trying to rent a vehicle.

Rental vehicles are supplied with full fuel tanks and if do not return the vehicle with a full tank you will be charged for the discreptancy. It is always best to check regarding any restrictions on usage (maximum mileage for instance) and clarify with the rental company what time the vehicle has to be returned. It is always advised that you ask what the procedures are in case the car is damaged, stolen or involved in an accident. It doesn't matter how careful you will be with the care. You are responsible for the vehicle, so it is important for you to know exactly what you should do if something happens.

  1. Always check through the terms and conditions of any vehicle hire campany you go to carefully and before signing anything.
  2. The exact vehicle you request may not be available. Most vehicle hire companies do specify that you will be supplied with a particular car or 'similar'. They will usually reserve the right of upgrading you to a slightly more expensive model if the one you ordered is unavailable. If you know you are going to be needing the vehicle before you rent it, check with the company, you may be able to reserve a specific model to avoid this.
  3. Before driving the vehicle away you should check on the fuel levels. If you have paid for a full tank make sure a full is what you have been given. Especially if you are expected to return it with a full tank. If you are expected to return the vehicle with a full tank, find out where is the nearest petrol station to the hire depot.
  4. Clarify the details of the excess on the insurance. Despite the fact that you may have paid extra to cut the excess to nothing, you may still find yourself liable if damage occurs to to certain parts of the vehicle (tyres and windscreens are a typical example).
  5. Check that the insurance policy covers all aspects of your trip. This is especially important if you are planning to take your hired vehicle off road or if you plan to go abroad as your policy may not cover this.
  6. Check that the paperwork clearly specifies exactly what it is that you have paid for; insurance policy, road taxes and any additional charges (for additional, named drivers and childs car seats etc).
  7. Ensure that the vehicle you hire is the correct type of vehicle for your needs. If you hire a car does it have enough room for the luggage, pram, people you intend to take. And if you ordered child car seats with the car make sure that you give the childrens correct age.
  8. When you pick up the vehicle you should check it thoroughly for any damage. This ensures that you do not receive the blame (or the bill) for any damage that you are not responsible for. Some rental companies ask you to sign a pre-rental inspection receipt. Do not sign this until you have carefully carried out what it specifies.
  9. Be sure to keep the hire company's contact details in the vehicle, just in case of any emergencies. Ask if breakdown cover is standard or extra and what you should do or who you are expected to contact in the event.
  10. Check the location of where you are to return the car. Especially if this is at an airport, you will need to ensure that you leave yourself enough time to check in after returning your car.
  11. Most rental contracts are on a 24-hour basis, just like movie hire. Therefore returning your car after the designated time can mean you incur one extra day's rental added to your bill.
  12. Carefully check through your credit card statement after you have hired a vehicle. Make sure that the rental company has not added any unauthorised extras to your card. If you have any questions, contact them immediately and request a full explanation of the charges. Go through the broker or car rental company, and always keep a full record of any telephone calls or correspondence. Make sure you are aware of your legal rights regarding this, you may want to contact your credit card company if the matter isn't clarified quickly.
Hampshire Plant  Hire

Digger Hire and Tool Hire is one of the biggest booming businesses throughout the UK and especialy throughout the South including Hampshire.

The Plant hire business is doing so well at the moment as it not only provides the construction and engineering industries with heavy equipment for hire, but it also offers smaller companies and domestic projects a cost effective way to tackle bigger jobs without spending a fortune on tools.

Below there is a little advice to what plant hire is on offer.

The cost of plant and tool hire differs depending on your choice of equipment, but both plant and tool hire regularly offer a significant saving over the cost of buying the tools that you need especialy if the project you intend to use them for is only going to last a short time.

You will more than likely have to put down a deposit with most tool and plant hire companies as the equipment is expensive.

You will need to talk to the plant and tool hire companies individually about the time period you wish to hire the plant equipment or machinery. Most companies will have a minimum hire period and often penalties if you exceed the agreed time, find out these regulations before hand.

The variety of plant equipment hire is large, here some of the most popular tool and machinery hire options :

  • Access equipment
  • Dumpers
  • Excavators and loaders
  • Lifting equipment
  • railer equipment



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