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Hampshire Cleaning Services

Whether you need a cleaning service for your home or business, it is best some of the simple tricks of the trade yourself.

Hampshire Cleaners offer some great tips on saving on cleaning products and getting professional cleaning results.

There are lots of cleaning products which can be harmful to humans and animals. Using general cleaning products mean using all sorts of harsh chemicals and deadly toxins which can have a range of different affects on the human body.  Surprisingly unless used very carefully a commercial cleaning products will do more harm than good in your home, especially if you have children or people with allergies. These cleaning products can cause nightmare scenarios where they are most used, in the kitchen. You need a clean environment where you prepare food, but you can't risk contaminating the food. This is especially concerning in commercial kitchens or catering environments where health and safety standards and regulations are of particular concern for the management.

For most cleaning jobs you can rely on 100% natural products to get the same results. Using vinegar or baking soda for everyday cleaning tasks helps make sure chemical pollutants stay at a minimum and keep your environment healthy.

Cleaning your home or small business environment can be hazardous for you and others who come into contact with the cleaning products. Moving away from hazardous chlorine based products for everyday cleaning jobs means that there is less chance of an accident.

Getting the best cleaning results from Natural substances

Naturally produced substances such as vinegar or baking soda are ideal for cleaning mess and even removing stains from surfaces or some fabrics. For everyday cleaning and even some tough jobs they will clean just as well or even better than any cleaning products. On top of this, vinegar and bicarb are far cheaper than the specialist products you can buy from shop.

Vinegar - Not just for your chips!

Vinegar is truly a jack of all trades. Not only can it be used for literally thousands of common tasks, makes on of the best cleaning products available. Vinegar is naturally antibacterial and a is powerfully astringent cleaning agent, dissolving grease and oils. Before the development of artifical chemical-based cleaning products people relied on vinegar to clean almost everything.

Vinegar not only dissolves fats and greases, but eliminates odour problems. It is also non-toxic and will not harm humans or animals. For wiping down surfaces, floors, windows and even TVs and computer screens vinegar is hard to beat.

Baking Soda - great idea for cleaning

Bicarbonate of soda is great for those tough cleaning jobs. With a splash of water it can cut through dirt and grease like a cavalry sabre through butter. Bicarb will leave not only a beautifully clean surface but a fresh smell. Dirt and grease can be swiped away with damp cloth just sprinkled with bicarbonate. Even built up grease on stoves or lodged into corners can be scrubbed out quickly with a small quantity of bicarb in a solution with water.

You would be surprised at how much money you can save over the course of a year by using natural products instead of expensive chemical cleaners. This is top of the benefit in not filling your environments with chemicals from cleaners or air fresheners, to keep your home or business looking clean and smelling fresh.

There are excellent resources right under your nose, throughout the local Hampshire area. Using substances such as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for many of your day to day cleaning needs can eliminate dirt and odours from building up, without replacing them with pollutants.


Hampshire Cleaning

Hampshire cleaning services can get a beautiful clean with something as prosaic as vinegar. Totally free from harmful synthetic substances or poisonous chemicals like chlorine.

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