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Hampshire Underfloor Heating
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Hampshire Underfloor Heating experts Greenheat explain the benefits of underfloor heating.

All across the country, underfloor heating is fast becoming the preferred means of providing warmth in every type of building. With an underfloor heating system, your environment becomes more balanced. The heating is evenly spread across the room and there are no cold spots near the floor. Quite apart from the fact that the heat isn't concentrated at the walls where, no matter how well insulated, it will either escape or encourage condensation.

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Because of the more even warmth, you do not need to run your heating system as much. This reduction in running costs and the very low maintenance modern underfloor heating systems require, make this the practical solution as well as being pleasurable. Not only do you get the benefit from the improved heating, you also free up space in your home. You may not think that your radiators are taking up much space, but you will be surprised at how much larger you rooms seem when you no longer need large lumps of metal attached to the walls.

The wet underfloor heating systems which Greenheat specialise in work by circulating warm through a network of pipes fitted into the floor slab or cavity. This gives off heat supplied by the boiler throughout the winter and are even hooked up to the cold mains to be filled with cold water in the summer for cooling.

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  Hampshire Heating Engineers

Waiting until something goes wrong with your boiler before calling out a heating engineer can seem cost effective. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Just like your car, regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of the major parts. Having an experienced heating engineer give your boiler a check up once a year can save you a significant amount of money over the lifespan of your heating system. It also means that potential problems are corrected before they become actual faults.

Heating systems are most likely to break down when they are being heavily used. This means that you are most likely to experience a loss of heating during the depths of winter. Which isn't the best time to have your central or underfloor heating suddenly suddenly stop working. While there are emergency heating engineers who will come out to repair a broken heating system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, this can be expensive and the wait until you are warm again can seem like an age when you're shivering in a blanket.

Whether you have a gas boiler, oil-fired heating system, or use some form of renewable energy to run your central heating, you should ensure that you know the warning signs of something going wrong with your heating and how often you should have a trained heating engineer come and carry out a service.

Of course, the longer an heating system has been in place, the more likely it is to break down. So you may want to consider replacing some of the core components if they are troublesome.

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