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Hampshie Orangeries

Orangeries were once only for the extremely rich due to the initial building costs and then maintenance fees. But now Hampshire Orangeries, are not only more affordable but cheaper to build but have lower maintenance costs. Once famed for their leaky exteriors, Orangeries from our Hampshire conservatory companies are now made of new and improved energy efficient UPVC and double glazing.

There are many positives to be had from adding an Orangery to your home, but there are a few things which need to be considered to ensure you get the right Orangery for your needs and to maximise the value added to your home. One main point to consider is where the Orangery is going to go, how much natural sunlight it receive and how you are going to enter the Orangery from your home. This will be dependent on the use you have in mind for your Orangery as they can be used for a variety of purposes from dining area leading from the kitchen, to kids play room leading from the lounge.

Another important consideration is what materials your Orangery is made from. You will want your Orangery to fit in with the rest of your home so if your house is built out of brick or stone then having your Orangery built out of the same material will help increase the overall appearance of your home. Considering how your Orangery is going to link to your garden is another important point, one way is to add double French doors, but for a truly modern look choosing to install bi fold doors really open up your Southampton Orangery and allow the sunlight to flood into the room . A clever way to bring the garden into the house is with decking installed outside the Orangery at the same level as the flooring inside, this gives the illusion of the inside and outside merging into one. A Hampshire Orangery from a conservatory installation company is a great addition to any home and will not only add value but also space and a contemporary feel.

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Hampshire Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories are a classic design for any quality home and is a very elegant and popular style. Victorian conservatories from a Hampshire conservatory installer are easily recognizable as having either 3 or 5 angled facets at the front of the conservatory. Victorian conservatories normally consist of a dwarf wall with UPVC windows on top to give the conservatory a sturdy feel. Hampshire Victorian conservatories are available in a variety of colours including brilliant white and wood effect. A popular feature on many Victorian conservatories is to add bi-fold doors which bring your home and garden together.

The Victorian conservatory obviously takes its design from conservatories popular during the Victorian era. They are often designed to be built as very large, almost independent structures that flare out away from the main structure of the house. Victorian conservatories take inspiration from carriage house's and are often defined by very large glass panels in the front of the conservatory. Although connected to the main structure, Victorian conservatories often have independent and characteristic roof structures.

A Conservatory from our Victorian conservatory installation specialists are a great addition to any home, they provide extra living space like no other room in your house, and value to the overall building. Due to the majority of a conservatory being made of UPVC glazing they have a light and airy feel making them a great place to unwind and relax.

Conservatories are also one of the cheapest ways of extending a property and adding extra living space. In the current economic climate many people are finding that their home is becoming too small but they cannot afford to move house. In this situation a Hampshire conservatory is a perfect solution.

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Hampshire conservatories

Conservatories can not only be a valuable asset to your home but can also be a great way to extend a period property in a sympathetic manner. When used to expand a downstairs room they can increase the available living space and in expanding a downstairs room, they can increase the available living space and in turn the value of your home. When considering investing in a conservatory for a period property you must ensure that the proposed construction will be compatible with your the existing architecture of your property.

Classic conservatory styles include Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods are all based on authentic historic structures. However if the standard conservatory styles do not suit your property it is well worth considering a bespoke conservatory design.

The 19th century is considered to be the golden age of the conservatory. The exotic fruit trees into beautiful rooms in their own right, and the advent of industrialised production made such structures available beyond the properties of the wealthy, and into the homes of the expanding middle classes. Nowadays, the light spaces can be used for anything ranging from an stunning sitting room or children's play room to a fully-fitted kitchen.

It is so important to consider the design of your conservatory before investing in it. The style and structure must suit the property and fulfil the purpose for which it will be used.

Another point to consider is the positioning of the conservatory heating and cooling requirements, for example a south facing conservatory will become very hot in the summer months.

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Hampshire has wide choice of conservatory companies for householders to choose from and many are highly reputable. First Call combine a level of craftsmanship with over 25 years of experience in designing and building conservatories across Hampshire.

Although terminology can differ from place to place, for example a Victorian conservatory design is sometimes referred to as an Edwardian or Georgian, if you speak to an expert they can take you through selecting the ideal style.

To ensure that you as a customer end up with the conservatory you really want, you should discuss all of the requirements you have as well as the details, style and layout of the conservatory with a reputable supplier. Many people have different ideas of what they want from their conservatory and a supplier will take you through the different types and layouts of conservatory.

Remember, as you are the customer and the one paying for the conservatory, if you are in any way confused, unsure or unhappy, say something. About the supplier or designer anything, if what they tell you doesn't help, say so.

First Call are your local Hampshire supplier of Conservatories, as well as windows and doors. We are happy to go through all of the fundamentals regarding your new conservatory, explaining each feature and option that you have.]

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